It's time.

Time to up-level your small business to increase revenue & get fully booked - While also building something sustainable that makes your heart happy.

This mastermind is specifically intended for business owners who are feeling stuck or at a plateau in their business. This is for you if you know you're skilled at your craft - but aren't seeing the influence or income you desire.

mastermind intensive

creating the business of your dreams


take a deep dive into your business to get clear direction & make big change - all with your new group of friends

"This Mastermind was exactly what I needed.  I knew I needed to pivot and I needed more for my business, but felt so stuck on where to go and what to do. It was by far the best decision for my business.

Amanda’s passion to help others succeed while truly being authentic is exactly what you need. She truly cares and loves on you and your business and helps give you tools to help you continuing growing. I’m so thankful for all her incredible knowledge and help.

Seeing where my business started at the beginning of our mastermind to just a few months after was incredible and I can’t thank her enough!"

""Joining the Represent Mastermind was one of the best decisions I've made for my business! Not only is Amanda a WEALTH of business and wedding industry knowledge, but she also has a huge heart for creative entrepreneurs.

She also managed to really KNOW each of us and pour into not just our minds but our souls. I have invested in a LOT of business education over the years, and Amanda just has a way of making you comfortable, giving tough love in a way that breeds growth and positive change without tearing anyone down, and giving you permission to dream big dreams and start chipping away at them.

..and on TOP of getting to learn from Amanda, you get an instant community of women rooting for each other and sharing ideas to build each other up. I can't recommend the Represent Mastermind highly enough - I am so sad it is over!""

"Joining Amanda's mastermind was the best decision of 2020 for me.  No matter where you're at in your business she meets you there and makes sure to help you grow to YOUR next level.

I've been a part of coaching experiences that feel inauthentic and aren't customized- Amanda is the opposite of that. She has a way of bringing out a part of you that you didn't know was there and apply it back to your business.

She's understanding, sincere, SMART, and the ultimate cheerleader. She is an accountability partner, coach, business guru, and friend all in one. I'm so thankful for her taking a deep dive into my business and helping me flush out what the next steps are for me and how to actively implement them. "

"Amanda is perfect balance of brains, wisdom, and encouragement. She has a no-nonsense, go-getter attitude and will come alongside you to meet you where YOU are to make you the hero of your own story. Her thoughtful, practical advice has helped me strategize, create, and implement a plan to be successful and competitive in my own industry. "


what others are saying...

As a full-time business owner for 15 years, I have taken the long road - and learned some shortcuts.

When you work with me, you gain the resources, knowledge, and experience of an entrepreneur veteran.  Having your own personal business coach (who has been right where you are) to come alongside you and point out small places that could be having a big effect in your business will fast-track your success in a way that doing it on your own simply can't achieve in the same amount of time.

You already have what it takes to uplevel.
Now it's time to get intentional, have clear direction & guidance - and do the damn thing.

why amandA?

Represent Mastermind Coach & Host

-6 month Mastermind Intensive beginning August 1, 2021

-Biweekly group coaching & teaching calls via Zoom  - (Recorded incase you miss one!)

-Private Facebook group for connection & support

-Three individual one-on-one calls with Amanda 

-A community of other smart, talented business owners also in the wedding industry for accountability, support, and to bounce ideas off of

-Unlimited access to Amanda via the Voxer app for questions & help along the way

-Access to a relaxing in-person retreat, exclusive to just the Mastermind attendees, to celebrate our wins

-Access to other in-person meet-ups during the course of the Mastermind

Together, we will go on a journey of going back to your why, reworking thought patterns & behaviors, pulling apart & analyzing your sales strategies, business offerings, pricing, and marketing.

We will work together to develop a new strategy and goals - then implement them within a safe group of other strong business owners. This mastermind is for those who are truly serious about getting out of their own way, getting serious, and achieving big goals.

2021 Mastermind:
what is included?

are you ready?

join us.

you don't have to journey alone.

You're worth investing in.
It's time to rise to your full potential.
Let's do it, together.

Our group will remain intimate in size, therefore spots are very limited.  

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